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Welcome to my website! ūüôā

Check out the new additions to the Art Gallery, Commissions, and Murals pages!


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K. December was awesome, as usual!  Did family festivities, art mingles, crafted a bit. It was nice!

January came fast. I said goodbye to the Gallery and all the beautiful ladies! ¬†Now, next…

February -I chilled and goofed off with craft bits and doodles!

March, I doodled, and painted and drank a lot of coffee! Still twitchin’, ¬†then again, maybe that’s just me,…hmmmm?

Welcome SPRING!!! Fresh flowers, fresh air(cuz we live in Montana. Big sky, lots of air), and fresh artworks!  Time to rock!!

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Oh my goodness,…I can’t believe it’s at the end of October already! ¬†So much has been happening, ¬†The Farmer’s Market has ended-and a huge thank you to all of our customers and friends for stopping by and buying! ¬†I had a great time and will be there next summer!

Since my last post, here has been the skinny- 1) I have sold all but 1 of my ‘playground’ paintings-wahhooo!! Been doing the happy dance, just sayin’! ¬† 2) My youngest daughter and I have completed our 2nd(my 3rd) URBAN ART PROJECT installment! ¬†Doing those windows is always fun!!! ¬† 3)The Historical Preservation Society had commissioned and picked the 2013 City Ornament, due out November. ¬†The Historical building this year-PARIS GIBSON SQUARE MUSEUM OF ART-bonus!! ¬†4)Still doing various freelance jobs for wonderful clients like Bowser Brewery and Luz’s Mexican Restaurant!! ¬†5)Threw my artist hat in the ring for the 2013 Stroll Button contest-I guess I will let you know the outcome?! ¬†6)And the grand finale-I will be leaving Gallery 16 at the beginning of the year. ¬†It has been a treat to work with the ladies and I have so much to thank them for, but I’m about to move in a different direction-I will keep you informed somehow.

So,…there is the scoop! ¬†And I thank you for checking into Sheree-mart! ¬†New pictures! ¬†New additions to the site. ¬†New undertakings! ¬†Soooo much new-ish stuff, jus’ ¬†keep checkin back-thanks again for all your support!!!


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YAY-Farmer’s Market!!!

We bought a canopy and everything! ¬†O.k, not everything, just the canopy and a few cinder blocks for weights,…and, oh-another camp chair because I apparently plopped down on mine too many times and it finally ripped-ugh!

It’s like a little community, it’s great!!! ¬†All the vendor regulars have been so nice and helpful!! ¬† We (Alissa & I) have been very grateful for all the tips and heads-ups! ¬†We haven’t named ourself yet, kinda just Nelson What-Nots, sounds good to me. ¬†Alissa sells tapestries she has made from recycled items and vintage pieces, and she sells her boho jewelry. ¬†I am selling my upcycled wooden signs, and, for the moment, limited edition tin embossed shrines. I posted the pics in my SHOWS AND EVENTS ¬†page/category.

Fun stuff, and different! ¬†If you’re bored on a Saturday before noon, come see us! For more Market info you can visit their website @ Great Falls Farmers Market.

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Gallery 16 schedule 2013

JULY:   5th / 10:30-1:30      12th / 10:30-1:30      15th / 10:30-1:30       19th / 10:30-1:30     22nd / 10:30-1:30

AUG.:    2nd / 10:30-1:30     23rd / ALL DAY(10:30-5pm)       30th/ ALL DAY

SEPT.:   13th / ALL DAY      20th / ALL DAY       27th / ALL DAY

OCT.:     4th / 10:30-1:30      11th / 10:30-1:30     18th / 10:30-1:30     25th / 10:30-1:30

NOV.:     1st,  8th,  15th,  22nd,  &  29th /  ALL 10:30-1:30

DEC.:      6th,    13th,   20th,   &   27th  / ALL 10:30-1:30

And, am always there for 1st Friday Artwalk eves.  First Friday of every month from 6-9pm.

Gallery 16-     600 Central Plaza(Downtown)   453-6103

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