In the “between” times….

What have I been doing since Christmas,…welllll-let’s review, shall we-READY, SET, GO!!!

I had a couple pencil portrait commissions-as I mentioned-did, done! I doodled on some chalk board menu displays for our Teton Pass Ski Resort-that was fun!   Chalk boarding can be fun!! That’s my version of snow boarding!  Did another label design for the Bowser Brewery  for his “Cold Snap” ale. Will begin works on the Jalapeno beer label in a sec too!   Gave a small speak for the Great Falls Arts Association on the wonders of the art that I do-ahaha! I’m just glad they asked questions and I thought of plenty to say after I was done-I’m a goob!

In between all that has been family-fills space nicely*GRIN*!!!

In the midst of it all,…I’m just happy I finally took the Christmas tree down-bahaha-glad it’s a fake tree! Oye!

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