HAPPY Sweltering Summer!!!!

I love Christmas, but,…I’m in love with summer time!!!  The warm weather, the swimming, the sitting outside without a coat on,  the tanning,  the projects I get to do outside-ahahaha(( HAPPY DANCE))), I love summer!!!

This summer I have a bazillion artworks I want to finish;  time it eludes me, that crafty scoundrel,..HA!  In between time spent at the Gallery(Gallery 16), commission jobs,  and now the Farmers Market on Saturdays, I’m having time management issues!  SMILE!!!

I’m going to post my Gallery 16 schedule, for anyone that needs to get ahold of me and post some pics of our Farmers Market booth!  YAY!!

So-to all visitors to my site-HAPPY SUMMER, or what’s left of it!  Remember to smile, laugh, play , wear sunscreen and bug repellent….or burn and get eaten by ‘skeeters!  Just remember to do all the other stuff, but add aloe and itchy cream!!!

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