YAY-Farmer’s Market!!!

We bought a canopy and everything!  O.k, not everything, just the canopy and a few cinder blocks for weights,…and, oh-another camp chair because I apparently plopped down on mine too many times and it finally ripped-ugh!

It’s like a little community, it’s great!!!  All the vendor regulars have been so nice and helpful!!   We (Alissa & I) have been very grateful for all the tips and heads-ups!  We haven’t named ourself yet, kinda just Nelson What-Nots, sounds good to me.  Alissa sells tapestries she has made from recycled items and vintage pieces, and she sells her boho jewelry.  I am selling my upcycled wooden signs, and, for the moment, limited edition tin embossed shrines. I posted the pics in my SHOWS AND EVENTS  page/category.

Fun stuff, and different!  If you’re bored on a Saturday before noon, come see us! For more Market info you can visit their website @ Great Falls Farmers Market.

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