Oh my goodness,…I can’t believe it’s at the end of October already!  So much has been happening,  The Farmer’s Market has ended-and a huge thank you to all of our customers and friends for stopping by and buying!  I had a great time and will be there next summer!

Since my last post, here has been the skinny- 1) I have sold all but 1 of my ‘playground’ paintings-wahhooo!! Been doing the happy dance, just sayin’!   2) My youngest daughter and I have completed our 2nd(my 3rd) URBAN ART PROJECT installment!  Doing those windows is always fun!!!   3)The Historical Preservation Society had commissioned and picked the 2013 City Ornament, due out November.  The Historical building this year-PARIS GIBSON SQUARE MUSEUM OF ART-bonus!!  4)Still doing various freelance jobs for wonderful clients like Bowser Brewery and Luz’s Mexican Restaurant!!  5)Threw my artist hat in the ring for the 2013 Stroll Button contest-I guess I will let you know the outcome?!  6)And the grand finale-I will be leaving Gallery 16 at the beginning of the year.  It has been a treat to work with the ladies and I have so much to thank them for, but I’m about to move in a different direction-I will keep you informed somehow.

So,…there is the scoop!  And I thank you for checking into Sheree-mart!  New pictures!  New additions to the site.  New undertakings!  Soooo much new-ish stuff, jus’  keep checkin back-thanks again for all your support!!!


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