“Art Should Take You Places”-

Art is all subjective. I realize my style is not for everyone, but I feel they won’t forget it! I like to use color, simplicity, and the everyday things to provide a positive impact. When I have finished, I feel I have created a piece that stands alone.

I thrive to capture an energy, a childlike vitality! I try to illustrate feelings & memories, without the harshness of the realities. I admire and remain in awe of the “Masters” of the fine arts, not only for their skills, but for their resourcefulness! However, my artistic expressions are not that deep. I respond better to the works of Walt Disney, Hannah & Barbera, Roy Lichtenstein, Shag, Patrick Nagel!

To me, the purity in graphics and conceptual clarity allow me to decide the place to be, at that moment. It doesn’t have to be interpreted, it is,…itself. The fun place I wanted to be at- is- there!


Some thoughts on Sheree and her artwork:

“Charming, effervescent, funny, enthusiastic just begin to describe Sheree’s personality. Unique, outstanding, colorful and eye-catching are just a few of the adjectives describing her art. A graphic artist, Sheree’s work embodies her enthusiasm for life and her ability to condense images to their essentials and then embellish their surroundings into a vibrant piece of art. Her work ranges in mood from butterflies at Ground Zero to tropical plants and portraits with drawing media which include acrylics, colored pencil and graphite. Sheree is a talented crafter with a wide range of pieces.”

Written by Dorothy Gaines
Published in “The Palette”
By Studio 706 Artist Guild
Vol. 11 No. 9 September 2009


This is me!


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