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The Other 10 Commandments.

We encourage your participation in our article comments. However, we will not have objectionable material on this site. We currently review posts in advance. We reserve the right to edit, delete, move or close any comments at any time. Any decisions resulting in the removal of posts or comments is totally subjective and at our discretion. Posts and comments can be deleted at any time and without any warning or explanation. These guidelines are meant to clarify our practices and provide an explanation of what types of content may lead to message deletion and/or user bans.

1. We will follow the “Living Room Rule” as created and described by blogger Shel Israel. If you came into our home and behaved rudely to a guest, we’d ask you to stop. If you refused to stop, we’d ask you to leave. Failure to play nice and be courteous to others can result in removal of comments. Repeated failure to play nice will result in banishment. Let everyone express their view and do not attack people.

2. Remember the “Golden Rule” and treat others as you would like to be treated.

3. Spam will not be tolerated. If we determine your messages involve flaming, repetitive messages, trolling, advertising, rude, crude, or otherwise inappropriate content they will be removed.

4. Keep your posts free of advertising. Any form of commercial advertising will be removed.

5. Do not violate copyright law in your comments or post entire articles from other sources. If you need to reference other information please post a brief description of the content and then the link to the content.

6. We like “characters”. Please be yourself on this site. Don’t impersonate others. Anonymous comments will, most likely, be deleted.

7. Do not post personal information about others it will be removed.

8. Any intentionally or unintentionally threatening, defamatory, false, misleading, abusive, obscene, or harassing content will be deleted. This includes any text, images, or other media along with any links to such materials.

9. No complaining. We are not trying to censor anyone’s views on this site. The internet is a big place, if you feel your views are legitimate and we do not, you can certainly express them elsewhere.

10. These guidelines apply to any and all content and/or contributions to this website and we reserve the right to modify these guidelines “on the fly” as needed.

A few more notes for those who have registered accounts:

Registered users must follow these same rules. Intentional or unintentional abuse of the rules of this site can result in a permanent ban from the website.

If you feel your account has been banned in error or wish to contest the ban please contact us. If we choose not to reinstate your account the decision is final and at our sole discretion.


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